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OnlyKnife: the name makes you think of a person who’s sitting in a dinky workshop laboring over knives, while sparks fly everywhere. In reality, though, the founder, Jason Rhodes is a happy-go-lucky blogger who’s more often than not found in the kitchen or in the backyard, happily making use of one of his beloved knives.

Just like the name suggests, Jason loves knives and what’s more, loves keeping them sharp. Ever since he was old enough to help out his family with cooking, Jason developed a fascination for knives, much to the dismay of his parents.

Growing up, Jason’s affection for knives gradually peaked and developed into something more than polite curiosity. In his attempt to get the best out of each of his knives, he went through hours of trial and error to learn how to sharpen them to the finest point.

Knives are sacred to Jason. He wants them to be treated well by everyone. Which is why, he went and opened up this website. Here he shares his findings on how to best maintain every type of knife known to humankind.

Here at OnlyKnife, you can search for the proper way to sharpen a knife, and you’ll never be disappointed with the result. Jason takes care to describe the process in as much detail as possible, and in a way that is easy to understand.

Though sharpening is what Jason knows the most about, he could also talk to you for hours about the history, build and use of any and all knives you can possibly think of.

Jason Rhodes takes care to keep an eye on the latest goings on in the world of knives and knife related accessories. His idea of a fun time is to meticulously go through the best knives of a specific category, even testing them first hand, and then expressing his passion through a blog post.

From kitchen knives to survival knives, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, Jason gives them all his equal attention. Additionally, here you’ll also learn about accessories such as knife sheaths, sharpeners, honing stones and whatnot.

The OnlyKnife community is ever-expanding, and you’re free to join anytime. To tackle this growing enthusiasm, in the future we also plan to include a couple more editors in our team.

OnlyKnife makes learning about knives fun, and dynamic, and keeps the flame of your knife enthusiasm alive! Keep up with us. And if you have more questions, contact us!

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