How to Change Blades in Folding Utility Knives – Easy Ways to Replace

If you want to talk about a valuable piece of equipment, then this is it. Utility knives for the win! They aren’t like ordinary steel knives with a sharp, shiny blade and a nylon handle. They have small blades, and only a tiny portion of them sticks out.

If you’re a designer, woodworker, or just a general do-it-yourself type of person, then you’ll probably have one of these in your house, maybe even more than one. They are brilliant for delicate tasks aimed at precision and accuracy. Don’t get me wrong, they may not be like a standard knife, but they have an incredibly sharp blade and tip. You don’t want to catch your finger on the tip of a utility knife.

They are not designed for durability or strength but instead for detail and light work. Another way that they differ from other knives is due to their need for blade replacement. You can’t necessarily sharpen these knives when they become dull, and so you have to replace the blade, but how? We’ve come up with some tips on how to change blades in folding utility knives, so let’s get started.

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What Is a Utility Knife?

Firstly let’s take a look at what utility knives are so that anyone who doesn’t know what they are can get up to speed. A utility knife consists of a shell or “handle” with a hollow space inside it where the blade sits. The blade on a folding utility knife is often a single small piece fitted into the part of the knife that folds.

Other types have a long blade that stretches the entire length of the knife. Utility knives have blades that look similar to tanto knives. The front of the blade has a steep slant towards the tip. The blade’s edge is straight and meets the slant on the front of the blade to form a sharp point that resembles the corner of a triangle.

Blade Replacement for the Folding Utility Knife

How to Change Blades in Husky Folding Utility Knives

Husky utility knives are sleek, well-made knives with a simple and very safe design. You can get a range of different utility knives from Husky, but we’ll look at the folding utility knife range. The first thing to do is to go ahead and open the blade up; grab the portion of the blade that is not tucked away fully to open it up.

After that, you should locate the slide lock at the back of the spine. It should be just behind the black safety feature on the spine with an arrow pointing backward. Push this button back with one hand, and then you will be able to open up the cavity that the blade is held in. Pull one side of the blade down to reveal the blade.

Please take out the blade and place a new one or flip it over to use the other end. After that, close the cavity to conceal the blade with only the tip leaning out slightly. Then make sure that the lock slider is back in the forward position before using; otherwise, the cavity could open again. Be careful when handling the blades because they are very sharp.

How to Change Blades in Dewalt Folding Utility Knives

how to change blade in dewalt folding utility knife, how to change blade in craftsman folding utility knife

The Dewalt steel-cased utility knives have different functions, one of them being a blade storage compartment inside the handle. To access the spare blades, you must open the retractable blade first and then find the button at the butt of the knife and hold it down while lifting it on the top of the handle.

This should allow you to open the storage compartment. To perform a Dewalt utility knife blade change, you will carry out a similar process with the Husky knife. Locate the lock slide on the blade cavity and pull it back. The difference here is that you will only need to pull the blade out of the slot. There are no opening pieces involved here.

Continue holding the slider back and place a new blade straight into the slot; after that, you can release the lock slide. Before you replace the blade, make sure that the adjustment button on the top of the handle is pushed fully out.

How to Change Blades in Irwin Folding Utility Knives

There are a couple of different types of Irwin utility knives, but for the most part, they all have the same locking mechanism and blade replacement process. There is a compartment on the spine to store the extra blades, which can be opened by simply pulling the compartment open with your fingers.

Please remove one of the blades and close it up again. These storage bins don’t interfere with regular use in any way. To change the blade, you need to fully open the blade and close it to a 45-degree angle. This will allow the button to unlock the blade. Push the small button on the top of the retractable blade holder, and then pull the old out.

Slot the new one into place and then release the button; now, you can open the blade to full length, which should lock the blade into position. Pull the newly inserted blade to make sure the blade is secured correctly.

How to Change Blades in Craftsman Folding Utility Knives

How to Change Blade in Folding Utility Knife, how to change blade in husky folding utility knife

The craftsman utility folding knife has a slightly different process for replacing a blade but is still reasonably straightforward. These knives don’t have storage compartments for extra blades, but you can find some new versions that do. This process needs to have two available.

First, flip open the blade and push the blade until it is fully extended. When the blade is fully extended, you should see that the small black button on the blade holder has popped out. This button needs to be pressed down while tilting the knife forward so that the blade slides out on its own.

After this, you can release the button and place the new blade into the open slot. On the top of the blades are small dips that need to be clicked into position, so push the blade back until the black button clicks out again. Then retract the blade and fold it back up. This should lock the blade into place firmly.

Final Thoughts

Folding Utility knives are convenient and suitable for many different tasks. Some even come with a stud that can hold screwdriver heads for added usefulness. They are a convenient tool, and we would recommend that you get yourself one if you don’t already have one. The knives come with two or three extra blades in case you break one or in case it gets blunted.

So you won’t have to worry about replacements, but if you do, you now know how to change blades in folding utility knives. Other types of utility knives also have replaceable blades, but they work on a slightly different spectrum to folding ones. Safety is the critical issue with these knives, so when you change a blade, try to be careful because the blades are incredibly sharp and pointy.

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