How to Sharpen Serrated Stainless Steel Knives – Easy Sharpen Guide

Serrated knives have gained lots of popularity in the last decade. They are often considered to be the best knives for mincing, dicing and chopping all sorts of meat, vegetables and fruits. These knives are made with a sharp serrated stainless steel blade that will need to sharpen in a special way. That is because regular knife sharpeners will only damage the serrated stainless steel knives.

This blades are very sharp thanks to their unique blade design. Specifically, it has a slight curve that makes the knife moves gradually forward and chops the food with ease. This sort of cutting motion provides great control of the knife. So once the customer gets a hang of it, the knife can become a universal utensil in the kitchen great for meat and vegetables.

Moreover, serrated knives are great for scooping things up. This is because they are made from a much wider blade than typical kitchen knives. Nowadays, serrated knives are available in different length so as to fit different cooking purposes. For instance, serrated knives with blades ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches have been designed to be used for precise tasks. To clarify, tasks such as fileting and skinning game as they tend to dig much deeper into the meat.

However, many professional chefs also use the 7-inch serrated knife for cutting various fruits and vegetables. Because, such blade is wide enough to transport chopped food from the cutting place to the pot, pan or dish depending on what you will be preparing.

What Serrated Knives Handle to Look for?

Serrated knives with premium ribbed plastic handles look very beautiful but will be tough to maintain. Because, the handle will need to be kept dry at all times. However, some chefs consider such hassle to be worthwhile. Certainly, the ergonomic contours of such handle make it comfortable to hold and easy to grip. These knifes do it without being so contoured as to restrict one’s ability to select between different types of grasps.

How to Clean Serrated Knives?

Serrated knives need special care routines. And, if these routines are followed correctly than an average serrated knife will serve you for decades to come. Firstly, serrated knives are best washed under a stream of running tap water with a little dish soap. Never use bleach or other harsh chemicals. Secondly, always dry the knife using a clean towel right after the wash. Also, never leave the knife to dry on its own in a utensil cup.

Moreover, you might want to sew a special sheath or buy a knife storing box if the knife was bought without these. Lastly, always check what kind of sharpener can sharpen your particular serrated stainless steel knives. Because conventional sharpeners designed for Western chefs knives will not do the trick with serrated knives.

How to Pick the Best Serrated Blade Knife?

How to Pick the Best Serrated Blade Knife

Picking the best serrated knife can be very difficult especially if you are on a budget. However, the task is not impossible. Best serrated knives are made from durable and one piece serrated blade that has a minimum thickness of 0.55 mm. Plus, best serrated knives can either have a double serrated, which is very rare, or single serrated blade.

Moreover, best serrated knives regardless of the blade length must have a medium sized textured plastic handle. It should comfortably fit in your hand but will not cause blisters during long time use. Additionally, avoid wooden handles as they tend to absorb odors and could be easily stained.

Also, wooden handles can get easily damaged. They also need more through care rituals depending on the exact wood that was used to make the handle. Some wooden handles such as pakkawood handles are very sensitive to temperature changes. In fact, the wood could split into small splinters if the knife with such handle is left close to hot stove. Keep in mind that serrated knives with such handles can only be hand washed.

How Much Should You Spend on Good Serrated Knife?

Such questions are often asked and it is only logical that one would want to know what type of knife is worth investing the solid amount into. However, I am afraid the answer is not clear because different individuals have different needs and wants.

If you are an avid cooker then you might want to buy a durable serrated knife that is at least 6 inches in length and has a flat edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other side. However, if you only cook once in a while then purchasing a medium segment serrated knife will be more reasonable.

Most good serrated knives can be bought for around $100 but remember to pay close attention to the handle as it plays a vital part in the overall ease of using the knife as the big handle will strain your wrist when you grab it while a small handle can cause blisters.

But, above all always look to buy the best serrated knife you can afford because it will enable to quickly and swiftly prepare everything you need in the kitchen. Lastly, remember that serrated knives require special attention and careful cleaning because the blade can be easily scratched or scuffed plus if it is not dried right immediately after washing it might rust.

What Sharpener Is Needed for Serrated Knives?

Obviously, any knife that will be regularly used will need to be sharpened otherwise it will completely go dull and useless.

It is highly recommended for you to draw up all the necessary point with a marker before actually beginning to sharpen the serrated knife. Furthermore, make sure to find the right angle for sharpening usually serrated knives require about 32 degrees angle for best result.

Proceed to sharpen one side of the serrated stainless steel knives. Make sure to rotate the blade back and forth for best result. Usually, serrated knives will need about 10 to 15 strokes from the stone point to the heel for best result.

How to Store Serrated Knives?

Don’t just throw your serrated knife in the utensils drawer along with the other metallic articles. Make sure to keep it in its own sheath or box. You should purchase such a container in case the knife does not come with one. Keep it away from humidity at all costs.


In conclusion, remember to always purchase a separate sheath or box for storing your serrated stainless steel knives away from the rest of the kitchen utensils. Lastly, always examine the instructions that the manufacturer will include. This way you can decide whether the serrated knife should be hand washed or can be put in the dishwasher.

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