What Is an EDC Knife – What is This Knife Used for?

Have you heard people mention an EDC knife, and you can’t tell what it means? This guide promises to give you all the detailed and thorough definitions of an EDC knife meaning. It is the shortened form of “Everyday Carry,” which is the stack of items you have with you every day. Examples of common everyday carry items are Keys, Phones, and the likes.

For some individuals, a pocket knife is a must-have EDC item, knowing fully well that it has various uses. Some individuals do not feel complete if they step out without carrying it. People who ask “what is an EDC pocket knife”, need to know that it needs to be sizable enough to fit into your pocket.

When you need to accomplish a task or protect yourself, you will find a worthy purpose in having your EDC knife with you. If you have ever asked the questions like “what is an EDC knife?”, or “what is a good steel for an EDC knife?”, then this piece promises to give you all the vital details.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best EDC Knife

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After the EDC knife definition, it is crucial to know the vital factors surrounding choosing a great knife. Here are some factors you can consider when you want to choose an EDC knife.

1. Material

The blade of your EDC knife has to be a high-quality metal to prevent it from dulling quickly. If you don’t use your EDC knife for heavy-duty purposes, you would not be ready to sharpen for the next six months. The material of the EDC blade is also a price determinant. Most of the blades are made from stainless steel, which is durable, affordable, and less prone to becoming blunt.

2. Opening and Locking Mechanisms

The opening and locking mechanism of an EDC knife prevent it from mistakenly closing in on your hand. The downside is, it makes it clunky to close or open with one hand. You need to decide if you want to open your EDC knife manually, with a button, or by pulling the blade.

You need to know how you plan to use your everyday carry knife before purchasing it. With this, you will not spend money on mechanisms that would not be useful to you.

3. Durability and Hardness

Before you buy your EDC knife, you need to be sure that it would not bend when tremendous pressure is applied. For instance, if you want to cut through wood, you have to be sure the knife would not bend. Similarly, you need to ensure the material of the knife is not extremely hard.

This is to make sure that when it is time to sharpen, it would be done seamlessly. An everyday carry knife that is very thin tends to get its blade snapped quickly. Some materials that assure you of high quality are stainless steel and metal alloys like molybdenum.

4. Resistance to Corrosion

The last thing you need is your EDC knife wearing out because of corrosion. Although when you buy an everyday carry knife made from stainless steel, there is no need to apply oil and there is no need to be apprehensive about rust.

5. Sharpness

The sharpness of an EDC knife means how well it can cut through an object without much pressure. In selecting an everyday carry knife, we recommend the recent alloys of stainless steel.

Selecting the Locking Mechanism of Your EDC Knife

For your EDC knife to be a convenient and safe tool, you need to take your time to pick a locking mechanism.

1. Locking EDC Knives

A locking EDC knife implies that there is a mechanism in place to reduce the chances of the knife opening unexpectedly. Usually, locking mechanisms have a lock bar that you will press manually either with a finger or button to release the bar and free the blade.

A locking everyday carry knife reduces the prospects of the knife inadvertently opening and cutting through the unnecessary. However, the locking mechanism could get jammed and dissuade you from using the blade. This means that it would be challenging to easily retrieve the blade from the knife in emergency cases.

2. Non-Locking EDC Knives

Non-locking knives do not have the lock bar mechanism. The knife can self-fold to store the blade away. However, you can only open it by drawing the spine. Non-locking knives do not have the mechanism that keeps the blade extended. A non-locking EDC knife opens more seamlessly than the locking version.

This means that it would be smooth to use such knives during emergencies. The downside, however, is, there is an increased chance of an accident. Since no mechanism keeps the blade opened, it could cut your finger or hand. It is vital to be aware of your location’s laws to see if there are any restrictions on the type of knife to use.

Where to Get EDC Knives?

There are many selling spots to buy everyday carry knives both in real life and online.

Shopping Online

These days, the internet has made it effortless to access a broad range of products from different manufacturers. If you have a particular type of knife brand you like, it would be easy for you to find it on almost any online store. Also, shopping edc knives online allows you to have a good understanding of the item.

You can see what people say about the EDC knife on review sites, YouTube, and other platforms. You might also be wowed to see that there are very interesting tasks that people use these knives for. Shopping online for EDC knives affords you the opportunity of knowing more about these knives and how they can be leveraged for best results.

In comparison, one of the major downsides to online shopping is the cost of handling and shipping. You will pay an added fee to get the EDC knife down to your location. It becomes more expensive if you are shipping from a faraway location. Similarly, the possibility of getting your EDC knife that day is slim.

You will have to be patient for some days before you get it. And in some cases, the product might be dysfunctional, low quality or broken; then, you will have to return it and wait a longer period to get your hand on what you need.

Shopping at Physical Stores

One of the benefits of shopping for your EDC knife at physical stores is, you have the opportunity to examine the knife for yourself. With this, you can know if the knife is in good shape or not. You don’t have to pay for handling and shipping fees because you are buying at a physical store.

On the other hand, when you buy from a physical store, you have a limited number of options you can select from. It would only work out fine for you if the physical store has a store online. Then, you can check the listing of products and visit the physical store to collect them.

Reasons Why You Need to Always Hold Onto an EDC Knife?

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Even though it looks as if going about with a knife in this technology age is archaic, it would interest you to know that it has not outlived its usefulness. Here are various quintessential reasons not to leave home without your EDC knife.

1. For Cutting

Even though perforation seems to be the order of the day, there are lots of times you will need a sharpened blade. You could be faced with emergency tasks that need you to cut things. And having an EDC knife with you helps to solve any emergency chore.

You might want to open a tightly sealed package or release an animal entangled in a wire. These incidences happen unexpectedly, and when they do, you will always have this tool to thank.

2. Function as a Toolbox

In most cases, if we are restricted to picking just one tool, it would be a knife. A knife can perform a list of functions that the tools in a toolbox would. An EDC knife can take out a nail; it can cut seat belts, loose threads, cut ropes, punch holes, etc.

3. Self Defense

With an EDC knife, you can keep yourself safe or safeguard someone else in distress. We hope it doesn’t get to this most times, but it is best to prepare for the unknown. What’s more, in some places, you can easily carry a knife instead of a gun. So, in the face of danger, you can depend on this knife to some extent.

4. First Aid

Do you know you can save someone’s life with this tool? Even though a first aid kit is important, you might not be with one every time. However, this knife can suitably substitute a first aid kit. Before you use this knife for health purposes, it is important to sterilize or disinfect the blade.


One of those archaic kits that have refused to bow to the digital age are these knives, and that’s why some people ask, “what is an EDC knife?” In the world, you will see millions of people who still go around with them. Anyone who appreciates the beauty of standing up to emergencies when they arise would have an EDC knife with them.

For individuals who ask questions like “what is an EDC knife?” or “what is EDC?” they will find this guide informative and worthwhile. It is also advised that before you decide to buy one, you consider all the factors and features involved.

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