Best Boot Knife Reviews in 2023

We’ve all seen movies where these gimmicky knives are pulled out of boots and the massive fight that ensues. In reality, having the best boot knife gives you functional protection and utility on the go. You won’t need to carry a bulky belt knife. These boot knives are subtle and give you immediate access when you need it most.

We’ll show you what to look for and where to find your next boot knife. Whether you’re looking for your first knife, or you’re an enthusiast, there’s something here for you. Let’s jump into the guide!

Top 3 – Best Boot Knives

SOG Blade Tactical Knife SOG Blade Tactical Knife
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.
  • Blade Length: 1.9 inch
  • Handle Material: G10
  • Blade Material: 5CR15MOV Stainless Steel
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CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Boot Knife CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Boot Knife
  • Weight: 3.9 oz
  • Blade Length: 3.197 inch
  • Handle Material: 1050 Carbon Steel
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
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Kershaw Secret Agent Boot Knife Kershaw Secret Agent Boot Knife
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Blade Length: 4.4 inch
  • Handle Material: Polymer
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
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Top 7 Best Boot Knife Reviews in 2023

We’ve taken the time to go through loads of gimmicky knives online. There are hoards of options out there that are simply showcasing the ability to attach to a boot – but without any practical functionality. We’ve collected the 7 best boot knives together. You find out what’s unique about each of them and why they’re worth your attention – and possibly your money.

You’ll see what we liked and didn’t like about each knife. Our goal is to help you build a clear idea of what you need in your next (or first) boot knife. Let’s dive into our best boot knife reviews!

sog boot knife, best fixed blade boot knife, best boot knife

SOG Small Fixed Blade Boot Knife

Here’s a super-tactical and discreet 1.9” fixed blade. The total length of the SOG knife is just shy of 5” and it’s ultra-lightweight. This is a knife you’ll be able to take anywhere with you. There’s a lanyard hole if you want to mount it around your neck or fix it to a belt.

You’re getting a versatile small knife that’s great for moments when your EDC pocket knife isn’t available. We loved the sheath that comes with the knife. Ball chains aren’t the greatest, but it’s made up for by the snug-fitting sheath. It’s robust and there’s a tactile click that keeps the blade in place.

5CR15 steel is highly resistant to staining and rusting. You’ll find this knife to be a reliable boot mount for hiking and general daily use. The full tang design adds to its overall durability and balance. It’s a top pick for the best-fixed blade boot knife and it’s light on your wallet.

  •  The small and sleek profile
  • Robust sheath with a tactile click to hold the blade in place
  • Full tang handle and has finger molds for different grip styles
  • Excellent blade control and balance
  • Not great for very large hands or using with gloves
  •  The grip is too short for a four finger hold
crkt boot knife, best boot knife reviews

CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Boot Knife

If you’re tired of knives that corrode and rust easily then you might like this CRKT knife. It’s covered in a black corrosive resistant coat that doesn’t scratch off easily. Our favorite feature of this best boot knife is the dual-edge. This lines the tip of the blade up perfectly with the centerline of the knife, giving it excellent puncturing and piercing power.

The contoured handle is long enough to take 4 fingers, so long as you don’t have large hands. It’s comfortable and widens out nearer to the blade for extra safety and better overall control. When it’s in the nylon sheath the overall profile is still sleek and lightweight.

Two straps give you versatile mounting options and use. It’s more practical to mount this knife to your boot, but it fits great on a belt or even a utility pack or bag. While it’s slightly more expensive than the knife we looked at above, it’s far more versatile and has excellent mounting capabilities.

  • Dual-edge blade leads to a powerful tip with great piercing and puncturing ability
  • Well-designed handle that can take four-finger grips
  • Nylon sheath comes with straps for versatile mounting options
  •  The corrosive coating doesn’t come off easily
  • Slightly more expensive than many knives in this review
  • There’s no tactile click and only friction keeps the blade secured to the sheath
kershaw boot knife, best cheap boot knife

Kershaw Secret Agent Boot Knife

Here’s a sleek and discreet boot knife if you’re tactically minded. The dual-sided blade comes to a very well-balanced and sharp point that’s perfect for puncturing and piercing. The steel is more than capable enough to handle the brunt force and hold its edge well enough to be considered a reliable daily carry knife.

You’re getting an excellent non-slip handle that’s reinforced to give it a little more weight and durability in the long run. You can easily fit leg carry straps and belt fixing straps for quick mounting in various positions.

The blade is sharp enough to handle cutting through plastic and light aluminum without scuffing the finish much. This is a reliable and durable knife that would make an excellent EDC knife and defensive knife. For this price, you’re already getting more than you’re paying for.

  • Ergonomic and robust handle with anti-slip reinforced inlays
  • Narrow blade with an extremely strong tip for easy piercing
  • Simple and discreet design
  • Excellent price and value for money
  •  The sheath is hard to mount other types of clips onto
  • Black finish can be scratched off over time
schrade knives, best rated boot knife

Schrade Dual-Sided Blade Boot Knife

Here’s a quality knock-off of the traditional military Mark II. It doesn’t cost nearly as much and the functionality is comparable. There is a serrated portion on each of the dual-sides edges. This gives you the versatility and cutting power to handle most emergencies like cutting seatbelts.

You’re getting a large knife that sits at just under 13”. This isn’t your typical best boot knife and is better suited to lower leg mounts. The sheath can take all the straps and attachments you’d need to get a safe and secure mount. You’ll have top-quality stabbing and piercing power with not much getting in the way when piercing.

Edge retention is decent for the price and it’s easy to sharpen. The black finish isn’t going to last forever, so if you want to scrape it all off – you can. Just make sure to maintain and clean the blade well to avoid rusting and corrosion.

  •  A long and capable blade that can safety mount high boots or leg straps
  • Slightly thicker blade to support a strong and sharp tip
  • Two serrated portions give you more cutting versatility
  •  A gorgeous and sleek profile
  •  The black finish comes off easier than expected
  •  The long-term durability of the handle and blade aren’t up to scratch
rothco boots, best quality boot knife, best boot knife

Rothco Raider II Boot Knife

Here’s a fantastic and compact boot knife. The blade is short and thick and the sheath it comes with is heavy-duty. It’ll withstand even the roughest situations. If you’re looking for an affordable backup boot knife to support your other EDC equipment, this knife is a great starting point.

There isn’t a whole lot it does wrong when you consider the price. You’re not going to get premium performance and construction, but it’s suitable enough. Edge retention and sharpness are what you’d expect and the tip is excellent. Since there aren’t any serrations or notches, piercing is quick and seamless.

The sheath is probably a little too thick considering the size of the knife. It gets pretty bulky so we suggest getting a better fitting sheath made. You’ll find it a lot more comfortable and carry around and handle. Overall, you’re getting one of the top-rated best boot knife options if you want something small and dangerous.

  • Very compact and lightweight considering its piercing power
  • Finger guards stop your fingers from slipping onto the blade
  • Rounded and shaped handle is comfortable in harder hands
  • Edges can be sharpened to razor levels
  •  The sheath is a little too thick
  •  The grip can be slippery when oily or wet
old timer boot knife, best budget boot knife

Old Timer Full Tang Boot Knife

This is a fantastic cheap knife that combines a stunning and attractive design with decent performance. If you want a boot knife but can’t justify spending loads on a premium knife – and not end up liking it – then this might be the knife for you. It has a 3.8” blade that comes somewhat sharp out of the box. Sharpening this knife is very easy, so you’ll be able to quickly touch it up before using it for the first time.

It has a full tang appearance and the transitions from handle to blade are smooth and attractive. If you’re into fishing or trekking, this knife is a solid and reliable cheap knife. It holds its edge well enough to be suited to regular use. You’ll quickly forget that this is a super-affordable knife – but you need to take good care of it.

  • Cheap and affordable knife with decent performance and durability
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to handle
  • Sharpening is quick and easy
  •  The textured handle gives you plenty of grip despite being quite thin
  • Not too durable in the long term
  • Doesn’t come very sharp out the box
cold steel boot knife, boot knives

Cold Steel Cobun Fixed Blade Boot Knife

This is a knife that has incredible sharpness retention. It’s perfect for a working professional or handyman that needs a knife for consistent and quick utility work. The blade is thick and strong enough to pry open stuck objects and swiftly cut through different materials like plastic, linen, fiber, and much more.

You’re getting a high-performing knife with all the characteristics of premium knives, without the equally heavy price tag. It’s compact enough to use as a daily carry and lightweight enough to not be a burden to carry. The handle is one of the most durable at this price point. You’ll get a knife that’s capable of taking a tremendous amount of wear without falling apart.

  •  An excellent non-slip grip that’s comfortable to hold
  • Extremely durable construction and build quality
  • Great edge retention and sharpness
  • Good utility functionality
  • The handguard will eventually wear down
  • Difficult to sharpen due to the hard steel

How to Get the Right Boot Knife for You

We’re going to take you through what you should be looking for when on the hunt for a quality boot knife. You’ll learn about some of the important features and how you can choose ones that mold the knife to your needs. Getting the best boot knife is all about ignoring features that don’t play to your strengths or reduce your weaknesses. Let’s take a look.

Blade and Tip Style

Boot knives are generally smaller and more compact – but this doesn’t inherently make them stronger than larger knives. You need to consider how you’re going to be using the knife. If you need more piercing and stabbing power, a blade with a shallower belly and a dual-sharpened spearhead tip would be better.

If you need a boot knife with more slicing and slashing power, you’ll need a blade with a broader belly and a single-side sharpened blade/tip. Take a little time to think about how you will be using the boot knife and the types of situations you’d need to whip out the knife.

Tang and Blade Strength

We always suggest getting a boot knife with a full-tang. You’re mostly going to be using the knife for piercing and slashing – often more aggressive – you’ll need the extra strength. Fall-tang knives are far less likely to snap at the handle and offer you added durability and better balance.

Overall Size and Portability

Unless you’ve got boots that are made to specifically store boot knives, you should avoid choices with large blades (both in terms of width and length). If you’re using ordinary boots then you should get a boot knife with a small or medium-sized blade. Any longer and you’ll put your feet at risk, or risk the knife falling out of your boots during sudden movements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can Boot Knives Only Be Used on Your Boots?

A: This is a common misconception. I’ve used boot knives in tons of other places – you just need to make sure you have the right mounts and straps. My favorite place to mount my knife while I’m hiking is to my lower leg. My best boot knife’s sheath has two straps that let me quickly fix it to my leg.

Using the same straps, I can fasten the knife to my backpack or my belt. Bear in mind you might need to replace the stock sheath that comes with your knife, or you’ll need to do a little DIY to attach the straps or mount.

Q: Can I Use a Folding Knife as a Boot Knife?

A: Yes, but it will be slower and less effective. On the other hand, though, it’ll take up less space and will allow you to wear less bulky boots. I prefer fixed blade boot knives as they have better piercing power and often have dual-sided blades. This makes them more versatile. They’re also quicker to pull out of their sheath and don’t need to be unfolded. Less moving parts lead to more durability in the long run.

Q: How Do I Maintain a Boot Knife?

A: The biggest issue I’ve faced in the past with my boot knives is rusting. Since I mostly use these knives when I’m outdoors on camping or hiking trips, my boots tend to get pretty wet on the outside. Get a good quality knife sheath that keeps your blade dry. Don’t put the blade back into the sheath while it’s wet. Keep it sharp and clean and you’ll get far more longevity out of it.

Final Thoughts

You should feel confident and informed enough to know what’s most important to you in a boot knife. We’ve looked at 7 awesome options to get you started down the right path.

If any of the knives interest you, take some time to go over them again to make sure you’re getting what you need. With the right knife, you’ll feel safer and stronger. Whether you’re outdoors or at a party, the best boot knife will keep you prepared for anything!

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