Best SOG Knives in 2023

SOG shot to fame with their Vietnam-era knives that featured awesome and capable military-inspired designs. Today, the best SOG knives are of world-class quality with excellent builds and impressive durability. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use knife that you can carry daily and use for a versatile range of uses from utility to self-defense – SOG might be the perfect choice for you.

We’re going to cover what you should be looking for in a SOG knife and will try to give you a clear idea of the value you can expect at different price points. By the time we’re done here, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed buying decision and get a knife you’ll keep around for a long time.

We’re going to cover some tactical folders and fixed blades, as well as some more unique offerings for the more discerning knife user. Our goal is to get you the best possible value for your money and a knife that suits your budget, needs, and style. Let’s get started!

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Top 3 – Best SOG Knives

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife
  • Weight: 3.84 ounces
  • Blade Length: 2 inch
  • Handle Material: G10 handle
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
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SOG Fielder Folding Pocket Knife SOG Fielder Folding Knife
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 3.3 inch
  • Handle Material: G10 handle
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
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SOG Twitch II EDC Folding Knife SOG Twitch II Folding Knife
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.
  • Blade Length: 2.65 inch
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
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Top 7 Best SOG Knife Reviews in 2023

We’ve gone through tons of options out on the market and have narrowed the list down to 7 knives we feel are the best balanced. We looked at how their price weighs against performance, durability, usability, and practicality. Not every knife is the same and it would be unwise to expect every knife to have the same balance between price and its other features.

The key is to find a knife that specializes in what’s important to you without sacrificing the fundamental performance and quality that makes SOG knives great. We’re going to show you what’s unique about each knife, what’s worth paying attention to, what performance you can expect in the real world, and what we did and didn’t like about each of them.

By combining what you learn in this guide/review with your own experience and research, you should have everything you need to get a knife that is perfect – for you! That’s all that matters. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, which is why it’s so important to get what’s great for you, not objectively speaking. With all this in mind, let’s go!

sog small pocket knife, best sog pocket knife

SOG Instinct Boot Knife with Sheath

If raw durability and endurance are both important to you, a fixed knife might be the best choice. They have superior structural strength and are far more durable in the long term due to having no moving parts – at least when compared to folding knives. With a 2.3” blade and a sub-6” total length, this knife is the perfect size to carry around your neck or on a belt as an EDC.

It’s exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the protective sheath and multiple lanyard holes. You can fix the knife to a belt, around the neck, or even with a breakaway chain in many different configurations. You’re getting even more power and robustness from the full-tang design, making this one of the most durable knives in this review.

We loved the swivel sheath and how quickly it gives you access to the blade without wasting any time or effort. Despite the smaller size, the G10 handle is exceptionally comfortable. It’s contoured to fit the shape of your hand and finger, with the final finger choice rising a little higher to double as a finger-guard.

There is a toothed-grid where the thumb and index finger sit (on the spine and foremost finger mold) to give you plenty of grip strength and control over the sharp blade. All-in-all, this is probably the best SOG knife if you love fixed blade knives!

  • Full-tang and extremely durable
  • Excellent edge retention
  •  The swivel-style sheath is fast and effortless to remove
  •  A high-quality ergonomic G10 handle
  • Doesn’t come very sharp out the box
  • A little on the large side for a neck knife
sog fielder folding knife, best sog survival knife

SOG Fielder Folding Pocket Knife

If the smaller blade of a fixed knife isn’t enough for you, here’s a larger blade that won’t feel heavy or bulky in your pocket. At 3.3”, the blade sits just at the sweet spot for a pocket knife. It’s lightweight and durable thanks to the well-designed G10 handle. The textured segment prevents slipping and adds quite a classy look to the overall aesthetics of the knife.

7CR17 steel gives you plenty of corrosion resistance and pretty decent edge retention. It’s quite easy to sharpen and won’t chip easily – making it a versatile and capable utility knife focused on being practical and functional. The thumb stud is in just the right spot for a quick one-handed opening but favors the right-handed user.

This isn’t to say you can’t use the knife left-handed, it’s just a bit faster when opened and closed in the right hand. Overall, you’re getting a knife that’s built to last a long time. This knife will still be performing well long after you’ve bought it. It’s a top-rated best SOG knife that’s easily worth the money and has the mobility to make an excellent EDC knife.

  • Smooth one-handed opening and closing action
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Doesn’t chip easily and hides scratches well
  • Doesn’t come very sharp out of the box and needs to be touched up
  • Favors the right-handed user, especially with the opening action
sog twitch ii review, best cheap sog knife

SOG Twitch II EDC Folding Knife

At 2.65”, the blade is compact and perfect for a slim and compact EDC knife. It’s not going to weigh your pocket down and you’ll often forget it’s even there. AUS-8 steel gives this knife exceptional resistance and top-end edge retention without being brittle. You’ll find it’s a suitable outdoor and utility knife that’s easy to maintain and sharpen.

The assisted opening is surprisingly durable and one of the most responsive on the market at this price. This combined with high-quality steel and a sleek comfortable handle makes this knife a no-brainer if you’re after value for money! You can release the knife from its folded position one-handed and the release doesn’t need much pressure.

This makes the knife excellent for on-the-go utility tasks when your other hand is busy. We love the lightweight aluminum handle for its balance between strength and mobility. It’s smooth to the touch and has a sleek and attractive appearance.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Super-fast opening action
  • Perfect for one-handed use
  • High-quality steel with excellent resistance and ruggedness
  •  The handle is a little slippery
  •  The blade is quite small compared to other options at this price point
sog trident elite review, best sog edc knife, best sog knife

SOG Trident Elite Folding Pocket Knife

Here’s a significantly larger 3.7” knife, offering you plenty of versatility and practical utility with a leaning to heavier-duty tasks. It’s also crafted from high-grade AUS-8 steel which has some of the best corrosion and stain resistance of any steel in its price range. You’re getting the famous SOG one-handed opening technology that offers you a smooth and effortless opening action with excellent consistency.

The blade locks in place stronger and tougher than you’d expect for a knife with such a speedy opening action. To add to the functionality of this knife, there’s also a decent glass breaker at the base of the handle and a cord cutter on the handle’s spine. They’re both effective and durable enough to handle repeated use, and reliable enough to carry you through an emergency or two.

The blade is coated in an attractive titanium nitride coating that’s both scratch and peel resistant, making this knife perfect for the outdoors and extensive utility work. Overall, you’re getting what’s possibly the best SOG knife if you want a heftier knife that’s robust enough to handle the outdoors and more demanding use.

  •  The large and capable blade has exceptional edge retention
  • Built-in cord cutter and glass breaker
  •  The blade is coated to further protect the already resistant steel
  •  The handle is comfortable and easy to hold for more demanding cutting
  • Quite heavy and bulky for a pocket knife
  • Handle feels a little less premium than the rest of the knife
sog seal pup review, budget sog knife

SOG Seal Pup Elite Tactical Knife

If you want a larger knife and you’re happy packing the extra size and weight then this probably the perfect knife for you. You’ll get excellent longevity from the AUS-8 steel. It’s corrosion-resistant and has fantastic edge retention worthy of the higher price.

The glass-reinforced handle is exceptionally comfortable, especially if you have larger hands. There are molds for your fingers to better secure the knife and improve its efficiency for tactical and heavier utility tasks. You’ll also get a fantastic hard-molded Kydex sheath that offers you massive value for your money.

It looks stunning and has some serious protective value you’d usually only find on custom-made knives. All-in-all, this is the best SOG knife-for-life. It’s capable and can easily handle heavier-duty cutting and demanding situations – especially the outdoors.

  • Great value for money considering the excellent build quality and performance
  • Exceptionally resistant
  • Non-slip ergonomic handle
  • Comes very sharp out the box
  • A little on the expensive side compared to many options in this review
  • Black coating shows scratches and scuffs quite easily
sog flash ii knife, best sog folding knife, best sog knife

SOG Flash II Straight Edge EDC Knife

If convenience and a speedy opening are important to you then here’s an excellent choice. As the name implies, the opening and closing actions are flashy and fast. They’re assisted opening and are therefore super-easy to open and close one-handed. You also have a flipper if you prefer manual action.

It’s well-placed for ambidextrous use and it won’t take long at all to get the muscle memory down. The blade is made from high-grade AUS-8 steel which is known for its excellent edge retention and high corrosion resistance. You’ll be able to take this knife on your outdoor trips, hikes, or even to the office. Its rugged and slip-resistant handle is one of the better ones in this price range.

It’s also contoured to help it fit more comfortably into different-sized hands. The blade is a drop-point style that is excellent for utility cutting tasks that require a lot of piercing or prying. It’s also very durable and makes the blade less likely to snap or chip while piercing. Overall, this is one of our top picks for the best SOG knife at its price.

  • Excellent textured handle is slip-resistant and robust
  • Drop-point blades are fantastic for EDC knives
  • High-quality steel
  • Snappy opening action
  • Not too easy to sharpen
  •  The handle is a little prone to discoloration and fading
sog salute review, top rated sog knife

SOG Salute Tactical EDC Folding Knife

This 3.6” clip-point knife has a stealthy and subtle appearance thanks to its black finish. Despite the larger-than-average blade size, the knife as a whole is lightweight and relatively compact, perfect to clip onto a belt or carry in your pocket. It’s been designed for one-handed opening, though it takes a while to get the motion right since it’s a lockback knife.

Once you’ve got the muscle memory the opening action is quick and smooth. The hard-cased black stainless steel adds significant durability and resistance to an already rugged knife. This is perfect for outdoor ventures, hikes, and general around-the-home/office utility work.

8CR13 stainless steel holds an excellent edge without being brittle and doesn’t scratch too easily. Overall, the handle is solid and ergonomic and the larger blade packs more than enough power to see you through all basic utility and tactical use.

  • Subtle and sleek black hard-cased stainless steel
  • Clip-point blade is exceptionally versatile
  • Excellent edge-retention
  • Doesn’t show scratches easily
  •  The handle is tough to keep clean
  • Doesn’t come as sharp as it could out of the box

Which SOG Knife Should You Pick?

Edge Type

SOG knives have a varying range of edges. In this list alone, you would notice knives with plain edges and partially serrated edges. While plain edges are more than enough for general EDC use, you would benefit from a partially serrated edge if you need a knife for outdoor usage.

Tip Type

This also depends on what use you’re going to put your SOG knife through. If it’s an EDC knife you’re looking for, a simple drop point blade would be more than sufficient. If you’re looking for something more versatile, pick a clip point or tanto blade.

Full Tang or Folding

You might think that only folding knives are suitable for EDC usage, but you’d be wrong. SOG has some stunning and compact full tang blades that come with a sheath and are perfect for EDC usage. They’re also suitable for light outdoor usage. If you want something larger, there are also more than enough options to choose from.

Blade and Handle Material

I’m guessing you’re not buying a SOG knife just to showcase it and will actually put it to good use. In that case, you should take a good look at the steel that each of these knives uses. They’re all wear-resistant to some extent. Pick one that goes the best with your intended workload.

When it comes to handle material, I always advocate for slip-resistant, textured, and ergonomic handles. Look carefully through the selection we’ve provided you, and pick the one that seems like it would fit your hand best; it’s a no-brainer.

Extra Features

Aside from being able to cut whatever comes your way, you might also want to consider extra features such as cord cutter, glass breaker, sheath, etc. Of course, keep your budget in mind too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: At What Angle Do You Sharpen a SOG Knife?

A: It’s best to sharpen SOG knives at a 20-degree angle on both sides. Granted, that’s the angle most pocket knives are sharpened at. It provides pretty good cutting power.

Q: Are SOG Knives Made in China?

A: SOG knives are not all made in one place or even one country. Assembly and manufacturing of some SOG knives are carried out right here in the U.S. However, most higher quality ones are manufactured in Japan. The more affordable ones are made either in China or Taiwan.

Final Thoughts

You should feel like you’re ready to make a solid buying decision. You have plenty of options to choose from and all the information you’d need to get the best value for your money. Take all the time you need to go back over any knives that caught your attention. With the best SOG knife in hand, you’ll be prepared for a lifetime of uncertainty – always ready to go at a moment’s notice! Good luck!

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