Edge Pro Apex 1 Review in 2022

I have an Edge Pro and absolutely love it. I have been sharpening blades all my life, it’s more of a hobby than anything else, but I hate working with a dull blade. The Edge Pro Apex 1 Review gives you the exactly repeatable sharpening motion that you require to sharpen almost any type of blade. I am really delighted with my new little friend.

One of the reasons I love this sharpener is because it does what I need it to do and gets my knives razor sharp. I’m glad I went with Edge Pro, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this state-of-the-art Knife Sharpener to anyone who wants a razor sharp edge. Admittedly, Edge Pro is the world’s most versatile knife sharpener, engineered to apply incredibly sharp edges on all your knives.

One of the most annoying and risky things to encounter in the kitchen are dull knives? Dull knives make normal, easy tasks more and more dangerous than they have to be.


Many people prefer electric sharpeners because of the speed with which they operate. But the Apex 1 system is cutthroat in terms of speed. The exceptional operation of the system doesn’t necessitate holding the blade into place. This means the quicker transition from one side of the blade to the other. Unlike other sharpening systems, you don’t have to re-clamp large blades to sharpen them along their entire length.


One of the main reasons why this sharpener is highly rated is because of its flexibility. The capability to sharpen blades of almost any length in blade height means it can handle almost anything. This includes pocket knives, swords, hunting knives and kitchen knives. Interesting enough, you can even sharpen all your serrated knives with the serrated blade add-on.


What I really like about the Apex 1 is its ability to sharpen at a wide arrange of angles. The unit allows for choosing an angle of anywhere between ten and twenty-four degrees. This means you can precisely match the manufacturers’ angle on each of your blades.

Easy to Use

The Apex 1 is incredibly simple to use and for anyone who wants a quick and effective method of putting a razor sharp edge on their blades. Although you’ll need the practice to master the technique, the results are worth the effort. The simple set up and efficient design of the Apex 1 makes it very user-friendly even for the newbies.


This Knife Sharpener is without a doubt a practical and versatile add-on to your workspace, and getting one means you can stop thinking about blunt blades! If all you want is to put a great edge on your knives, then the Edge Pro Apex 1 is for you.


The warranty covers consumer use only, and not commercial or industrial use. This means you can have a peace of mind knowing that the company has you covered in case something isn’t right with your tool.

Edge Pro Apex 1 Review


Besides being an exceptionally versatile knife sharpener, the Apex 1 has a moderate price point. I have mentioned that since I have personally used and found that it is one of the best pocket-friendly ways to get your knives as sharp as you need them to be.

This sharpener will strip off far less metal from your expensive knives than electric grinders or sharpeners, getting rid of wavy edges. So, if you want to put a great edge on your knives and spend less, then this is the sharpener for you.


The Edge Pro can sharpen a variety of straight edge and serrated knives including sporting pocket knives, Asian knives, and European knives.

User Experience

Admittedly, The Apex1 tops the list of the best manual knife sharpener class. It is gentle on your expensive knives and removes less material than electric knife sharpeners, hence prolonging the useful life of your blades.

Strengths :

  • It’s a compact and portable sharpening system
  • All your knives are sharpened at an even angle
  • Exceptionally versatile with the ability to sharpen any angle or blade
  • Moderately priced
  • Allows exact matching of the bevel angle
  • Great safety features

Weaknesses :

  • Practice is needed to master the technique
  • It creates streaks that aren’t easy to remove
  • Slower operation than most consumers might want to deal with

Key features of the Edge Pro Apex 1 Review

  • You can sharpen all your knives at a constant angle
  • It’s a portable and compact sharpening system which is easy to carry
  • Convenient bag is included in the delivery so you can keep all parts together

Edge Pro Apex 1 Specifications

  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • Black Cordura carrying case
  • Sharpening angle: 24, 21, 18,15,10 degrees
  • Comes with a stand
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Microfiber towel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Sharpen at an Angle Other Than the Specified 24,21,18,15 and 10 Degrees?

A: Yes, the back of the rod can be placed anywhere along the back post

Q: Can It Work With Large Stones?

A: No, you have to use the Apex stones

Q: Is It Good for a Newbie Knife Sharpener?

A: Yes, it is. Read and follow the concise and very clear instructions

Q: Where Is It Assembled or Made?

A: It is made and assembled in the United States.

Final Verdict

The Apex 1 has a lot to offer compared to other products in its category. Its unique design makes it incredibly easy to pack up and stow away for use when needed, or set up permanently. It has a matchless capability of sharpening knives of almost any length and preset angle.

The inbuilt safety features make it a great tool to use for both newbies and professionals. With a lot of additional accessories available, it offers room to grow as your skills increase. In a nutshell, the Apex 1 is undeniably an exceptional product.

Admittedly, picturing a kitchen with no knives is hard. They’re the most used tools in any kitchen, and with frequent use, they become blunt or dull. These dull knives are a nightmare to work with as they make the simple tasks of chopping and cutting very tiresome.

With the Edge Pro Apex 1 Review, you can literally restore a factory edge to your knives in minutes. Even better, it enables anyone to sharpen a knife effectively with just a few minutes’ practice. I would definitely recommend it to any chef. Not only will they get a great knife sharpener, but the features are also remarkable. The durability and quality of the product are second to none.

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