Work Sharp WS3000 – Air Cooled Wood Tool Sharpener Review

I’ve had my Worksharp WS3000 for under a month now, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts. Firstly, I think this unit is well built. The sides are sheet metal, and the whole top is cast metal. In terms of capability, I give it five stars. I got hair shaving results in no time. Worksharp WS3000 Review is the answer for folks who want a quick way to get a razor sharp edge on their tools.

While I have just a few edged tools, I see it as a long-term investment as my plane/chisel collection increases in size. The WS3000 shines when it comes to versatility. This unit will put a nice convex edge on your tools. I have had mine for just three months, and it’s the best item I’ve bought.

Work Sharp WS3000 - Complete Air Cooled Wood Tool Sharpener

I have used all tool sharpening techniques available. From mini grinders to belt sanders to try and get a decent edge on a chisel, but have never even come close to a truly sharp edge. However, this unit from Worksharp superseded my expectations. It brought to life all my edged tools.

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The WS3000 allows for consistent super sharp angles on contoured tools and flat blades. It’s a very capable product that allows even novice woodworkers to consistently, accurately, and quickly hone and sharpen their tools to razor sharp results in just minutes.


The WS3000 is undeniably an indispensable knife sharpening tool. With its speed and precision repeatability with which you can sharpen your tools, I think the WS3000 is a great investment. It makes sharpening so simple even a caveman could do it.


Sharpening port enables you to select desired bevel angle and sharpen precise, repeatable angle of 35, 30, 25, and 20 degrees for plane irons and chisels. You can also use a range of custom angles using the included tool rest to sharpen your tools.

Easy to Use

The Worksharp WS3000 is incredibly simple to use and for any woodworker who wants a quick and effective method of putting a razor sharp edge on their tools. Be it plane irons, carving tools, chisels, or turning gouges it will sharpen the edge to flawlessness. Crazily enough, even an armature will find it easy to use. This user-friendly tool sharpener, with unlimited innovative features, gives new meaning to the definition of sharp.


It comes with a lifetime limited warranty that covers consumer use only, and not commercial or industrial use. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that the company has you covered in case something isn’t right with your tool.

Worksharp WS3000 Review


Review for a reasonable price, the Worksharp WS3000 enables an average woodworker to sharpen pale irons and chisels to a repeatable and excellent working edge with a minimum of bother and fuss. Review to get the most out of the Worksharp WS3000, I recommend spending some extra bucks for another plate or two to make abrasive changes easy. Money well spent.

User Experience

Admittedly, The Worksharp WS3000 tops the list of the best tool sharpener class. It is gentle on your expensive tools, hence prolonging their useful life. No tool sharpening system I’ve come across does it all. But for plane irons, carving tools, chisels, and turning gouges the Worksharp WS3000 does them more than adequately, and better than some alternatives out there.

Strengths :

  • Doesn’t get your tools too hot
  • There’s little mess flying around and getting on everything, nor slurry or oil on your pants and shirt.
  • Creates a very sharp edge
  • Great safety features
  • Fixes dings or nicks in the edge quickly
  • Made from cast steel, so it’s sturdy and durable

Weaknesses :

  • Too much sharpening leaves scuffs on the knife
  • Quite expensive
  • All plastic on it makes it look kind of cheap

Key Features of the Worksharp WS3000

  • This unit lets you sharpen multiple tools at different angles
  • Sharpening port allows you to choose required bevel angle and sharpen specific, repeatable angle of 35, 30, 25, and 20 degrees for plane irons and chisels.
  • Comes with a grounded six-foot power cord
  • Sheet metal housing; tool-grade plastic base; cast aluminum top
  • Heat sink and routed airflow system keeps tools cool without the mess of a wet system

Worksharp WS3000 Specifications

  • Tempered glass wheels
  • Crepe stick for cleaning abrasives
  • Precise and repeatable five degrees micro bevels
  • Sharpening port lapping surface
  • T-slot mounting system
  • Skew cam adjustment
  • Instructional DVD and a clear very well written manual

Work Sharp WS3000 Tool Sharpener Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is This Tool Capable of Sharpening an HSS Twist Drill?

A: I don’t believe you can use it for this. Keeping the angles would be hard.

Q: How Thick Are the Glass Wheels?

A: The glass wheels are approximately a quarter inch thick. The wheel plates are strong. Just don’t drop them.

Q: Does This Unit Sharpen Knives?

A: It’s specially designed to sharpen wood tools. However, there is an optional belt sharpening system (designed for sharpening knives) attachment that you can buy to add to it.

Final Verdict

This tool sharpener is just easy to use, great and fast. It helped me a great deal by improving the quality of my woodturning tasks! While most of the WS30000 are built of plastic, they’re surprisingly well built. The Worksharp WS3000 is a very smooth and quiet machine. It sharpened all my chisels and other tools in no time. And I mean really sharp!!!

With the Worksharp WS3000 review, you can literally restore a factory edge to your tools in minutes. I would definitely recommend it to any carpenter. Not only will they get a great knife sharpener, but the qualities are also amazing. The quality and durability of the product are second to none.

If one word can describe the optimum operating technique for this tool sharpener, it would be “Amazing”. Some tool sharpeners seem to hold great promises yet ultimately disappoint. At first, I was somewhat skeptical about this unit, but I have now become a believer. One thing the WS3000 does exceedingly well is keeping the edges you use most often scary sharp!

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