How to Open and Close a Kershaw Knife – Use It With Caution

Kershaw knives never seem to disappoint when it comes to top-quality products. They make an effort to design their knives to a tee with every model they release. Simplicity and convenience are what Kershaw aims for. If you’re looking for something that is not too fancy and yet very effective, then these knives are the way to go.

There are loads of different models that Kershaw has brought out over the years, and there’s certainly a lot to learn about them all. Here, we’re going to take a look at one of these various features and break it down a little. We often read many complaints about folding knives, saying that the opening and closing mechanisms are not working correctly or are poorly designed.

But, we’ve found that time and again, the problem is that the users don’t know how to open and close the blades as they were designed to. So we’re going to eliminate all of the grey areas surrounding these folding knives and show you how to open and close a Kershaw knife.

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How to Open and Close a Kershaw Knife: Explained

Kershaw Snap-on Knife

The modern flick open automatic knife has become a world-renowned piece of equipment and has gained popularity in the USA. The convenience of one-handed use combined with easy handling and control keeps these knives in high demand. Opening and closing these types of blades needs to be done correctly to ensure your safety and the protection of the blade.

These knives are not manual folding knives that have to be pulled out each time. They are automatic snap-on blades, so please don’t try to pull the blade out because you might damage the mechanism or hurt yourself. Snap-on knives have a switch or snap button on the spine of the handle right where the blade meets the handle.

To open the blade, you need to hold the knife away from your body, and with one hand, if you hold it with two hands, then your other hand might get poked as the blade flicks open. Then, with your index finger, push down on the snap, and with your other fingers out of the way, the blade will fling open and lock into place.

To close, turn the knife upside down and push the liner lock with your thumb across to the left until the blade is free to move, and then you will manually close the blade until it’s locked back in the closed position.

Kershaw Frame Lock

Frame locks have become more and more common lately, and they are most famous for their safety. Frame locks work off of a piece of the frame to lock and unlock the blade when open. These knives are brilliant for outdoor adventures and camping trips because they’re durable and safe to use.

Kershaw frame-lock folding knives have an automatic flip-open mechanism and a manual close feature. To open the blade, you need to hold the blade away from your body and hold it with one hand. Your index finger will trigger the button; as mentioned before, the other fingers must be out of the way so that the blade can spring open without restriction.

When the blade is fully extended, the frame lock should slide into place behind the blade, locking it firmly in place. To close the blade, all you need to do is flip the knife over so that you can see the interior of the knife and slide the frame lock to the left until the blade is released. Then using your index finger again, push the blade closed while watching that your other fingers are not in the way.

Kershaw Liner Lock

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This is by far the most popular type of locking mechanism in the world. Liner locks are brilliantly designed and are very easy to handle. Liner locks are similar to frame locks in that they both have a piece of metal that locks the blade in place, but they differ with the design slightly.

Frame locks are part of the structure of the handle, whereas a liner lock is an added piece of metal attached to the inside of the frame. They both work the same way, but the liner lock was invented first, gaining much more recognition than a frame lock, and they are easier to operate. To open the knife, hold the knife in one hand and point it away from your body.

Then with your index finger, push down on the snap or switch button with your other fingers out of the way, then the blade will fling open and lock into place. You must push the liner lock to one side to let the blade move freely to close the blade. Flip the knife onto its back, and then push the liner out of the way with your thumb. After that, you can push the blade closed with your index finger.

Kershaw Silver Knife

This is the meat and bones of Kershaw’s automatic spring-assisted knives. It is the fastest opening Kershaw knife and has a frame locking mechanism. It should be mentioned that the silver knife is sometimes known as the Kershaw cryo knife for its effective opening. So let’s see some tips on how to close a Kershaw cryo knife.

The lock style is the same as the frame lock that we mentioned earlier, so flip the knife upside down so that you can see the interior of the knife. Then place your thumb on the frame lock and push it all the way across to the left until the blade can move freely. Then, push the blade shut with your index finger.

To open the blade again, all you need to do is locate the snap button and position your fingers properly so that you don’t get poked. After that, you push on the snap button, and the blade will spring open. Make sure to point the knife away from your body because the blade flicks open very quickly.

You don’t necessarily have to open and close the Kershaw knife blade with one hand; you can close it with two, no problem. Just be careful when opening it with two hands to ensure that the blade won’t poke or stab you in the process of flinging open.

Final Words

Kershaw knives are well made and very well priced. The quality that you get is worth the price, and they last for ages. If you already have one and you’ve been lost in the wind trying to find out how to open and close a Kershaw Knife, then aren’t you lucky to have come across this page?

The most important thing to note when using any knife is safety because these are sharp and dangerous tools and should be used with caution. So stick to our advice and use the knives with care because then they’ll take care of you.

If you were struggling with opening a Kershaw knife or how to close Kershaw knives, this has shed some light on the situation. And if you are still confused about what to do, then go ahead and watch some videos explaining it further.

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