Chef’s Choice 130 Review

Admittedly, picturing a kitchen with no knives is hard. They’re the most used tools in any kitchen, and with frequent use, they become blunt or dull. These dull knives are a nightmare to work with as they make the simple tasks of chopping and cutting very tiresome. The Chef’s Choice 130 review is the latest breakthrough in the sharpening technology.

Whether you are in the kitchen or catching fishes or hunting a deer, this knife sharpener will prove itself worthy in all sort of activities. Also i have personally tested this system for my kitchen knives and it performed really well. I have the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Sharpener and absolutely love it.

I have been sharpening blades all my life, it’s more of a hobby than anything else, but I hate working with a dull blade. For its functionality, I give it five stars.It does a nice job of putting a razor sharp edge on your knife in no time. If you don’t have patience for conventional sharpening stones, this is the answer you’ve been searching for.

I am really delighted with my new little friend. It does a nice job of putting a razor sharp edge on your knife in no time. If you don’t have patience for conventional sharpening stones, this is the answer you’ve been searching for. I am really delighted with my new little friend.

Among electric knife makers, Chef’s Choice is by far the most popular, and many their models place high in both user reviews and comparative professional tests. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener is the answer for folks who want a quick way to get a scary sharp edge on their kitchen knives. I have had mine for just three months, and it’s the best item I’ve bought.

I have used the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener on almost all my basic kitchen stainless steel knives. I’m glad I went with Chef’s Choice products, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this state-of-the-art Knife Sharpener to anyone who wants a razor sharp edge.

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I think the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener will last me through the years. I love that I can create edges using stages two and three. The Sharpener contains one hundred percent diamond hone abrasives on its first stage to ensure a correctly sharpened blade. You can use it on a different of products like the serrated knives, American and European household knives, sport/pocket knives.

Easy to Use

The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Sharpener is incredibly simple to use and for anyone who wants a quick and effective method of putting a razor sharp edge on their blades. Be it an American or European knife, it will sharpen the edge to flawlessness. Crazily enough, even an armature will find it easy to use.

This user-friendly knife sharpener, with unlimited innovative features, gives new meaning to the definition of sharp. The simple set up and efficient design of the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener makes it very user-friendly even for the newbies.
Chef's Choice 130, Chef’s Choice 130 review


Besides being an exceptionally versatile knife sharpener, the Apex 1 has a moderate price point. I have mentioned that since I have personally used and found that it is one of the best pocket-friendly ways to get your knives as sharp as you need them to be.

This sharpener will strip off far less metal from your expensive knives than electric grinders or sharpeners, getting rid of wavy edges. So, if you want to put a great edge on your knives and spend less, then this is the sharpener for you.


The three years warranty covers consumer use only, and not commercial or industrial use. This means you can have a peace of mind knowing that the company has you covered in case something isn’t right with your tool.

User Experience

Admittedly, the Chef’s Choice 130 tops the list of the best manual knife sharpener class. It is gentle on your expensive knives and removes less material than electric knife sharpeners, hence prolonging the useful life of your blades.


The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener can sharpen a variety of straight edge and serrated knives including sporting pocket knives, Asian knives, and European knives.


One of the main reasons why this sharpener is highly rated is because of its flexibility. The capability to sharpen blades of almost any length in blade height means it can handle almost anything. This includes pocket knives, swords, hunting knives and kitchen knives. Interesting enough, you can even sharpen all your serrated knives with the serrated blade add-on.


This Knife Sharpener is without a doubt a practical and versatile add-on to your workspace, and getting one means you can stop thinking about blunt blades! If all you want is to put a great edge on your knives, then the Chef’s Choice 130 is for you.

Strengths :

  • Simple to use
  • Noiseless
  • It’s a compact and portable sharpening system
  • All your knives are sharpened at an even angle
  • Moderately priced
  • Great safety features

Weaknesses :

  • Excessive sharpening may scratch knives

Key features of the Chef’s Choice 130 Review

  • You can sharpen all your knives at a constant angle
  • Inbuilt spring guides keep knives at perfect angle
  • Exceptionally versatilewith the ability to sharpen any angle or blade

Chef’s Choice 130 Specifications

  • Comes with an instructional DVD
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Three sharpening stages
  • Precision angle guides
  • Weights about four pounds

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is It Good for a Newbie Knife Sharpener?

A: Yes, it is. Read and follow the concise and very clear instructions

Q: Where Is It Assembled or Made?

A: It is made and assembled in the United States.


The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener is a great tool for your next knife sharpening. A very easy touch is all that you need to make your knife a professional tool. Sharpening my knife with the Chef’s Choice 130 gives me an incredible experience. It is one process that delivers an ecstatic sensation, draws the sharpener in and kindles senses that consistently makes one feel absolutely incredible and wanting more.

If you’re on the hunt for a knife sharpener that will put a wicked sharp edge on your blades, the Chef’s Choice 130 will sure do the trick. It is a very capable product with a three-stage sharpener. It also has a lot to offer compared to other products in its category. Its unique design makes it incredibly easy to pack up and stow away for use when needed, or set up permanently. It has a matchless capability of sharpening knives of almost any length and preset angle.

In a nutshell, the Chef’s Choice 130 review is undeniably an exceptional product. I would definitely recommend it to any chef. Not only will they get a great knife sharpener, but the features are also amazing. The durability and quality of the product are second to none.

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