Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Review in 2022

This might just be the easiest and fastest knife sharpener I have ever used. I can get some of the best results in less than a minute. With only half a dozen strokes, it brought the edge back from pretty sharp to razor sharp. It’s designed to provide a sharpener that you can take with you and use on the go, hence its name the “Pocket Pal.” Read My Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Review, it’s a Best Selling Pocket Sharpener.

The Pocket Pal is an excellent companion for all your field expedient sharpening tasks. The light weight and compact size allows you to carry it on you, in your glove compartment, tackle or tool box, pack, or just about anywhere. I was very skeptical that a sharpener you pull a knife through would work well enough to put a fair edge on a knife.

I have used it on almost all my basic kitchen stainless steel knives. The sharpener put a very nice edge on all my blades. The Pocket Pal is the answer for folks who want a quick way to get a razor sharp edge on their kitchen knives. I have had mine for just three months, and it’s the best item I’ve bought.

Slim and sleek, Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal sharpener is perfect for hikers, fishermen, backpackers and hunters who want to make sure their edges are razor sharp.


If you are searching for a sharpener that will put a wicked sharp edge on your blades, the Pocket Pal will sure do the trick. It is a very capable product designed to provide you with the best ineffective and easy to use scissors, tool, and knife sharpening products. It’s a practical and versatile add-on to your workspace, and getting one means you can stop thinking about blunt blades!


The Pocket Pal features Pre-set ceramic stones and crossed carbides to ensure a correctly sharpened blade. Ceramic stones offer quick edge setting ability for damages or dull knives. On the other hand, the Carbides provide quick edge setting for damaged and dull knives. You can use it on different products like the serrated knives, Asian styled sushi knives, American and European American household knives, sport/pocket knives.

Easy to Use

The Pocket Pal is incredibly simple to use and for anyone who wants a quick and effective method of putting a razor sharp edge on their blades. Be it an American, European, or Asian knife it will sharpen the edge to flawlessness. Crazily enough, even an armature will find it easy to use. This user-friendly knife sharpener, with unlimited innovative features, gives new meaning to the definition of sharp.


It comes with a lifetime limited warranty that covers consumer use only, and not commercial or industrial use. This means you can have a peace of mind knowing that the company has you covered in case something isn’t right with your tool.
Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Review


The pocket pal is perhaps the most inexpensive sharpening option. It’s ridiculously low price was my main point of interest. Got to say – I was very surprised to see what ten dollars could do. The edge produced when knives are sharpened will be the way knives come from the factory.

Let’s face it, the Pocket Pal Sharpener is quite expensive but at the same time saves your precious time. I have mentioned that since I have personally used and found that it is one of the fastest ways to get your edged tools as sharp as you need them to be.


The Pocket Pal is undeniably an indispensable knife sharpening tool. I think it is a great investment that makes sharpening so simple even a caveman could do it.

User Experience

Admittedly, The Pocket Pal tops the list of the best portable and manual knife sharpener class. It is gentle on your expensive knives, hence prolonging the useful life of your blades.


The Pocket Pal can sharpen a variety of straight edge and serrated knives including sporting pocket knives, Asian knives, and European knives.

Strengths :

  • Easily pocket able, lightweight, slim knife sharpener
  • Carbides quickly set your edge
  • Creates a very sharp edge
  • Simple, portable and compact design
  • Preset sharpening angles for guaranteed results

Weaknesses :

  • Removes some material during initial sharpening
  • Too much sharpening leaves scuffs on the knife

Key features of the Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Review

  • Comes with a ceramic stone that is ideal for giving that final touch to an already sharp edge. Even better, the stones are fine and give a slippery smooth polished edge.
  • Sharpens American, European and Asian knives, including straight and serrated edge knives.
  • Carbides quickly set your edge to give a good edge to a dull knife very quickly
  • Preset sharpening angles for guaranteed results

Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Specifications

  • Carbide Pull through slot
  • Ceramic Pull through slot
  • Tapered diamond rod
  • Weighs about twenty-five grams

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is It Good for a Newbie Knife Sharpener?

A: Yes, it is. Read and follow the concise and very clear instructions

Q: Where Is It Assembled or Made?

A: It is made and assembled in the United States.


One of the reasons I love this sharpener is because it does what I need it to do and gets my knives razor sharp. I’m glad I went with the Pocket Pal, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this state-of-the-art Knife Sharpener to anyone who wants a razor sharp edge. The Pocket Pal really does make home sharpening possible and easy.

The Smith’s PP1 Pocket Pal Review has a lot to offer compared to other products in its category. Its unique design makes it incredibly easy to pack up and stow away for use when needed. It’s also built in a way that makes it a great tool to use for both newbies and professionals.

In a nutshell, the Pocket Pal is undeniably an exceptional product. With the Pocket Pal, you can restore a scary sharp edge to your blade in just a jiffy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a razor sharp edge. The quality and durability of the product are second to none.

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